Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where Star Meets Sky

Dietrich told me to walk outside. He told me that it was a beautiful day. What he doesn't realize is that he was the gateway to a wonderful blessing on this day...
My body, these past 3 or 4 days, has not been in the best physical condition.

I'm surrounded by mounds of tissue paper, a bottle of cough medicine, and dozens of coughdrops, as well as a half/gallon of orange juice, two blankets, my phone, my laptop, and my ipod touch. All these things are within an arms reach, because I don't want to move from this spot, or at least I didn't want to move from this spot.

After my thirteenth episode of Kyle XY, I decided to take Dietrich's advice and walk outside and feel the day. It's been quite cold here in Austin, but apparently, it's a beautiful day out today. So, I went outside to see for myself...

He was right. Dietrich was absolutely right. Indeed it is a beautiful day outside.

I stretched my arms, and looked up at the blue sky, kissed by wisps of white clouds...and I felt God. He made me feel blessed, and I cried tears of relief and happiness.

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