Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pretty Glitter & Flashing Lights

In general...creatures are attracted to, drawn to, startled by, and or obssessed with shiny things.

Singers, rappers, wannabes, gonnabes, dreamers and groupies like to adorn themselves with things that glitter.

When I was in elementary school, almost ALL arts and crafts projects during Christmas time consisted of cutting little figures out with those dumb safety (can't cut for shit) scissors, elmers glue, crayons...and the piece de resistance: GLITTER...

Even if you couldn't color in the lines, if you couldn't cut straight, and the globs of glue caused the ink lines to bleed everywhere...if you threw some glitter on that joint, the teacher would hang it up in the classroom...and from a distant glance...Your work looked like everyone elses in the class. the same today in the entertainment industry.

Talent has an ugly step sister...her name is...well...TALENT.
Talent COULD be a DOPE singer with amazing pipes...great vocal control...perfect pitch and great stage presence...but TALENT could ALSO be the people behind the singer; setting up gigs, making calls, setting up meetings...but the Jekyll-esque side of the Ugly sister...are the vocal doctor-ers (producers) who can make a tone def blonde bombshell sound like she's been coached all her life...Throw some gel in her hair, with a smoky eye, a lil' lipstick, some leggings...and a little body glitter...not to mention a little autotune in her mic...and she's been doin' this since way back when...she shines...and fans are attracted to that shine.


My friend Troy and I laugh and talk about how long gone are the days where you could walk into the office of a big time record label exec and perform and sing your HEART OUT and get "signed". These days, if you have an amazing web presence and following, you're more likely to make a name for yourself than Lil' Ty'Shawn, who may not have a website, but he can sing you under a both have TALENT, just in different areas.


People are infatuated with the shine...but does anyone ever stop and think about where the glitter came from? What made the glitter? What process did glitter have to go through to become glitter? Who decided that glitter was glitter?


Most glitter & glitter products are used briefly. After glitter is used, it is showered off, entering waste water systems, or swept up for disposal in landfill. Glitter is not recovered or recycled in any way.--- DAS DEEP!

I guess I this...If we focused more on what's making the glitter, or more on how to make our own shiny, tried and true products...we could figure out a way to make a talented generation that will not end up in a disposal or a landfill.

SHINE ON...but do it for real.