Monday, May 31, 2010

The Fall: Abstract

Light...Mother...Air...Blurred vision...Birth.

This is where I begin. This is where it all counts from here. I did not have to fight during those first 10 months of my existence. I was protected. I was incased. I learned rapidly though. Warmth.

Age. Adolescence. Feeling. Truth. Lies.

As colors relate to feelings in my head, I began to understand my emotions.

Love....a solitary feeling.

It stands alone. Miles in front of anything I've ever experienced.

Home. Comfort and Chaos. A beautiful place. A place of peace. I ran from it...quickly.

LOVE...Again. But this time, with another.
Two souls love and understand each other. My soul loved, but my intellect stretched its arms and reached for other things... Where love was a miracle, my intellect searched for opportunity...chance.

I was carefully crafted by two hands that placed these gifts inside of me. Why in hell would I trade my opportunities for a mediocre life, a boring wife & a white picket fence?

"I dream in violet and cerulean...I speak orca...I've mastered the art of mental kung fu. I take bitter memories and sing them like chocolate decadence. I preach to souls, though I'm not ordained, and before I die, you'll know my name."

Just before THE FALL, I saw purple balloons, a little girl with tangerine ribbons in her hair, a vendor selling snowcones, my mother's deep mahogany eyes, my father's leathered face and warm smile...two periwinkle marbles, a silver baseball memories right before death.

as I lay in a pool of my own blood and stare at my masterpiece painted on the ceiling, I marvel at my own work. I may not live to hear people's praises, but I am the first to behold the wonders of God's love manifest through my hands in intricate detail and design. The Fall.