Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Magic Train

This big train stays on a track with cracks and divots,
And you can't dig it, 'cause yo shovel too short.

I suppose I'll let you on this train,
You hooked, I'm like life support.

Amazingly, I'm still amazing ME,
In awe of all the things that I've yet to be...


Amazing...We've defined amazing to be, the things we see on TV...


Round butts, and perfect figures, slick talkers and quick jiggers,
Who believe in P.C. by day, but at night call their own people, "niggers".

And we figure these figures in the spotlight know what it's all about, right?

So, I ride on a train...It's perfect, it's exquisite, and everybody wanna ride in it...On it, I think they want it...

The experience... My ride rides nice, even on thin ice,
and I'm too cool to fall below, and too cold to get heated so...

SO, amazing, me, I pump up my own head because the only one to make me think other wise, is none other than me.

My train rides nice, now fly train...Fly above the aboves and beyonds into a time eons away from a life where the peons are told when and how to play.

My train's got big purple wings, elegant things when they spread, I hear gasps from nay-sayers and haters abound, but they just mad cause their trains stay on the ground.

Look at me now...

A million miles high, but you can still see me, secretly my biggest critics really wanna be me...

Beam me up like Spock, stars don't walk they trek.

I want to erase your mind and replace your thoughts with something you'll never forget or regret.

It's progress, as my train sets the standard for those to come.
I implore you to dance to the beat of your own drum,
Or suffer from doldrums, dull huh?

I felt like Greene was a good color on me, so Green birthed some breach baby beats,
Delivered differently, but always, ALWAYS landing on our feet.

A legion of talent in me, a beacon, a challenge, and ME...a light, pure balance and HE,

A MIC, true talent, now breathe...

Exhale the negative, inhale the haters,
now upchuck their bones, and save them for later.

Cause you gone need a skull to weigh down the papers you stack,
When you live in the moment, and never look back.

All over the place, my mind goes all over the place, Hell, I'm all over the place.

I place myself in a category of Otherlings, something from another being,
One of Jack's lost magic beans.

Impressively, and aggressive, he, is nothing like the gyrating, generations, generating hits, auto-tune masturbating. Jacking the flavor off real musicians, and coming quick.

Careers end, post drip, limp, now call it quits.

Misfits, writers, biters, bums, fighters, nuns, this rhyme is for the inner tiger in you. You might mess up, fess up, but don't take your missteps in vain.
Grab your ticket, hop aboard...It's time to load up the train.

Jirod Greene (Copyright 2010)

Make Sure

Before you become a part of someone else's life, make sure that you're proud of the man/woman that you've become, and look forward to the even better YOU you're becoming.

Buried in a freshly dug grave, my guilt and self pity lay luke warm; having just died. I used to carry them both around like growths on my back because it's the only way I knew to care for them and carry on.

Guilt and self pity invited clearance for a sneak attack from those I cared about the most. I knew of my own strengths and unwavering beliefs, but those strengths were perceived as weaknesses, or petty nuances.

I will not treat myself like an alien and say "People just don't understand me..." because I believe that is a cop out to co-existing and serves as an excuse for abandoning others.

You're not eclectic just because people don't "understand" you...

I said in a previous post, "Don't hang around people who haven't been anywhere"...and I mean that. Some people bask in the light of their e-glories, and others believe that if they can get a few people to feel the way they do, then their case in stronger, and better, and on the whole, the right way to feel.

Make sure you're not dining with people who are hungry for fat, juicy drama. They look to you like hungry hogs waiting to be slopped. Starve them! Corrupt communication is like tons of calories, you may not look heavy from consumption right away, but you can darn sure feel it.

People who perform an action, regret it, and then perform it several other times, are considered slightly insane. I'm insane, but I'm aware of my insanity, and I've thrown a wrench in the gears of many of my moving mental monsters...Some are harder to halt in production than others.

Some individuals feed their monsters, masking the ugly, scaly, outer appearance, fooling others and eventually themselves.

We're human. We're imperfect. We are bound to screw up...It's just the way we are in this life. However, being aware of your screw ups and wanting to amend your ways can help you maintain a better balance of good and evil in your personal life.

If you find yourself calling correcting others when connecting you with another person, then you interrupt them by saying, "No no, he/she is not a friend, he/she is an associate..." You, my good friend, are, simply put, LAME. People only say that to exercise their superiority over other individuals. True, there are people who are strictly associates, but one motto I swear that I live by:


People fail to understand etiquette in conversation...(And that's a whole 'nother blog)

If you're growing and maturing, don't commune with others are still infants in communication.

If two men are sitting at a table together over food; and one is upset with the other, I don't believe they should eat in silence.

I have a gender bias. Sure, we all get mad at each other...but I feel like, with men, especially in America, with our history of great compromises, signed treaties, allied forces, etc., men have learned to put their differences behind for the greater good, to support and promote the bigger picture, but if you're dining with someone who'd mentally rather color the kids sheet at Red Lobster, while you're studying a Van Gogh painting, pick up the tab, tip your hat, AND your waiter, and keep it moving on out the door...

Anyway...a rant, if you will.

Make sure that you consider yourself when you're considering others. It's not selfish to ask yourself, "What should I be doing right now to fix this situation?", or "Am I in the right place right now?"

Make sure YOU'RE covered. No one else will love you like you can love yourself.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where Star Meets Sky

Dietrich told me to walk outside. He told me that it was a beautiful day. What he doesn't realize is that he was the gateway to a wonderful blessing on this day...
My body, these past 3 or 4 days, has not been in the best physical condition.

I'm surrounded by mounds of tissue paper, a bottle of cough medicine, and dozens of coughdrops, as well as a half/gallon of orange juice, two blankets, my phone, my laptop, and my ipod touch. All these things are within an arms reach, because I don't want to move from this spot, or at least I didn't want to move from this spot.

After my thirteenth episode of Kyle XY, I decided to take Dietrich's advice and walk outside and feel the day. It's been quite cold here in Austin, but apparently, it's a beautiful day out today. So, I went outside to see for myself...

He was right. Dietrich was absolutely right. Indeed it is a beautiful day outside.

I stretched my arms, and looked up at the blue sky, kissed by wisps of white clouds...and I felt God. He made me feel blessed, and I cried tears of relief and happiness.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Designed to Design

I believe in a higher power. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I believe that through Him, I have the right to eternal life. I believe that no science, educated thought on different theories claiming the Bible's "fables", nor first semester Sociology professor who starts all first day lectures off by stating, 'I do not believe in God, and by the end of this semester, I'll bet I can persuade many of you to think like me'...None of that can make me doubt the divine power that has placed things in my life so intelligently, so crafty. I do not believe in coincidence. I believe that everything that happens to me, happens so that through it, God will be glorified. I am not perfect like my Maker is perfect. My imperfections show EVERYDAY.

I have many insecurities. I have anger issues. I have been jealous of friends. All of that, I've asked The Lord to take away. He's working on me. (LOL) Indeed, He is working on me.

There are many things in which I have to sit back and learn. There are a lot of things that I need to shut up about because quite frankly, I'm not a professional in that department on that specific topic or idea. I am not one who is well read or well studied on every subject.

There are some things I do know. One thing that I've been doing, I'm guilty of not giving myself enough credit. There are things I do know. I've confused pure knowledge with arrogance just by my situation. I've allowed others to convince me that what they perceive to be the correct way to handle issues is the only way. Friends and family.

My design was not a mistake. God did not create me to run over people, nor did He create me to submit to the will of others. This post is a self realization. If you're good at what you do, it's not a coincidence.

Don't let anyone make you think that your ideas are not good enough, and the moment you start feeling like you're being pushed against a wall, fight your way out. I do not promote violence, but a fight is something completely different. I think a fight comes about as a necessity, sometimes. You fight for what you believe. You fight to stay alive. You fight to be heard...when others don't believe in you, when you're dying, when others cannot hear you.

You can only keep your tail between your legs for so long before you say, I'm not doing this any more. Once people realize that they have you where they want you, they'll do what they please, and pacify the situation that causes you to stir. Pacification is temporary. I say, don't suck on it at all. Don't be shut up or shut out.

Even if you stand alone, stand for what you believe. Be strong.

I'm an otherling created by God...