Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make Sure

Before you become a part of someone else's life, make sure that you're proud of the man/woman that you've become, and look forward to the even better YOU you're becoming.

Buried in a freshly dug grave, my guilt and self pity lay luke warm; having just died. I used to carry them both around like growths on my back because it's the only way I knew to care for them and carry on.

Guilt and self pity invited clearance for a sneak attack from those I cared about the most. I knew of my own strengths and unwavering beliefs, but those strengths were perceived as weaknesses, or petty nuances.

I will not treat myself like an alien and say "People just don't understand me..." because I believe that is a cop out to co-existing and serves as an excuse for abandoning others.

You're not eclectic just because people don't "understand" you...

I said in a previous post, "Don't hang around people who haven't been anywhere"...and I mean that. Some people bask in the light of their e-glories, and others believe that if they can get a few people to feel the way they do, then their case in stronger, and better, and on the whole, the right way to feel.

Make sure you're not dining with people who are hungry for fat, juicy drama. They look to you like hungry hogs waiting to be slopped. Starve them! Corrupt communication is like tons of calories, you may not look heavy from consumption right away, but you can darn sure feel it.

People who perform an action, regret it, and then perform it several other times, are considered slightly insane. I'm insane, but I'm aware of my insanity, and I've thrown a wrench in the gears of many of my moving mental monsters...Some are harder to halt in production than others.

Some individuals feed their monsters, masking the ugly, scaly, outer appearance, fooling others and eventually themselves.

We're human. We're imperfect. We are bound to screw up...It's just the way we are in this life. However, being aware of your screw ups and wanting to amend your ways can help you maintain a better balance of good and evil in your personal life.

If you find yourself calling correcting others when connecting you with another person, then you interrupt them by saying, "No no, he/she is not a friend, he/she is an associate..." You, my good friend, are, simply put, LAME. People only say that to exercise their superiority over other individuals. True, there are people who are strictly associates, but one motto I swear that I live by:


People fail to understand etiquette in conversation...(And that's a whole 'nother blog)

If you're growing and maturing, don't commune with others are still infants in communication.

If two men are sitting at a table together over food; and one is upset with the other, I don't believe they should eat in silence.

I have a gender bias. Sure, we all get mad at each other...but I feel like, with men, especially in America, with our history of great compromises, signed treaties, allied forces, etc., men have learned to put their differences behind for the greater good, to support and promote the bigger picture, but if you're dining with someone who'd mentally rather color the kids sheet at Red Lobster, while you're studying a Van Gogh painting, pick up the tab, tip your hat, AND your waiter, and keep it moving on out the door...

Anyway...a rant, if you will.

Make sure that you consider yourself when you're considering others. It's not selfish to ask yourself, "What should I be doing right now to fix this situation?", or "Am I in the right place right now?"

Make sure YOU'RE covered. No one else will love you like you can love yourself.


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