Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Like a Candle: Melt Down

I'd written a lot of hurtful stuff before I posted this...but India Arie's "Wings Of Forgiveness" JUST started playing... So...it's gone...

I just want this music thing....SO BADLY...You know, it's a taste that I feel I long for more than others sometimes...

I gotta say I respect this one young cat... Maybe in a few years...no, in a few years, he'll be famous...and I'm gonna help him. Chad Green... Da Mastamind. That man has a way of creating things that make my lyrics just flow over.

It's true what they say, actions speak louder than words. I need to save my ducats and get pro-tools and a better computer because I have all these songs...good songs too mane...

I think people overlook me because they want proof that I'm legit. Chad, help me get this, please. We just gotta push a little harder.

My 25th birthday was a warning. LOL. Kid, you grown now. Get off the couch, stop watching Martin...write...write...write boy!

I'ma fish outta water in most of my circles. I feel the most at home with my dude Mastamind...Dude gets me, and I've only really known him for a while. I wanna make this a Diddy/Biggie situation... I'm not ridin' him, but I do tip my hat to him. When he's in the lab, he creates the most amazing things.

There's so much I wanna put here...I wanna say all there is that needs to be said...
But my wings, though they're not clipped, they're definitely bound right now.

You can't be afraid to be who you are. In my mind, I've wanted to be the clean cut, college-graduate, with the tapered fade haircut who says all the right things to my ex-girlfriend... I still long for that sometimes...Sometimes I sit and wonder if I was an engineer. Maybe life would've been a lot easier.

25, single...cheating on music with laziness sometimes. Laziness is that girl that I've been fooling around with out of habit. Lazy...my sidechick. LOL



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