Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cup'o-la Thoughts...

Sitting at work, thinking about working and working on thinking of a way to overcome certain obstacles. Obviously, I need to pray. Prayer helps, but it doesn't give me that world satisfaction that I need from time to time. You know, proving someone wrong, telling someone off, demonstrating my intelligence. That's all flesh. My flesh wants to be fed, plain and simple.

The sad thing is that sometimes, it is not enough for me to say to myself, "God can fix it." or "Let God handle it." I cannot lie. Sometimes I'm a bit more interested in what Jirod can do, or what Jirod wants to do; thus, taking God out of the equation. It's a very dangerous thing; taking God out of the equation because at that moment, I'm saying, "Lord, I know You're Sovereign, and You're the King of kings, and the Lord of Lords, and the Prince of Peace...but here is what I wanna do." That's dangerous.

So, let's my sinful nature, I handle a particular issue... I have a friend who kinda ran off at the mouth and MAY have said some very hurtful things. How do I know this? Well, I don't. It's just hearsay. But my "get you back" attitude WISHES he said something. I WISH he said it...I HOPE he said it... LOL (not funny) but that's how my mind works... I build up an attack (not physically) so great (in my eyes) and I tell myself, "Bwah, I'ma let ol' dude or ol' girl (or ol' whatever is pissing me off), I'ma let em HAVE it...

That's not the right way to be. I think electronics has made us all weak to a certain extent. From texts to avoid the issue (I'm guilty of it), to subliminal tweets on TWITTER, to threatening facebook statuses that may or MAY NOT be about you, but you wanna fight em anyway. (SMH)

I woke up this morning, and the first thought that came to mind, as well as the first words that came outta my lips were, "Thank You, Jesus" and as SOON as I said that, I began to think about the night before and how I'm gonna GET ol dude, and really let him have it.


I blog because it's a choice...Sure I could take all of these things to God. I do. I know that someone may read my blog and relate. Someone may not know they can go to God for help. Well U can!

Anyway... As always, the issue may be resolved with a few deep conversations, a good meal, and an episode or two of Martin.

But when it returns...What then?