Monday, March 15, 2010

God, Bells & Whistles

***DISCLAIMER*** I respect the feelings and thoughts of those closest to me. If you are reading my blog and you feel disrespected, chances are you are probably not close to me. If you are reading my blog for the sole purpose of telling someone that I wrote an entry about them, and you feel disheartened, those were not my intentions. Lastly, if you feel, in any way that my views are immature, one-sided (biased), illogical, or just plain CHILDISH, I respect the fact that we are all entitled to our own opinions. Also, if you've read my blogs and were offended, and then read again, and again, you were offended, then you should probably stop reading my blogs. Thank You.

On To The Next One...

In general, "good people" don't like to cause confusion. On the whole, "good people" don't like to stir up emotions by bringing up controversial topics in discussion. Quite frankly, "good people" believe in some type of "harmonic balance" that exists, birthed from the Cosmos. When I hear the word "Cosmos", I think of a really style-savvy man, with a blazer, a hot-pink Express shirt, black rimmed glasses, penny loafers, and a drink in his hand... (TANGENT)

What do I know...

What do I believe? Ha, what I know and what I believe...If I told the absolute truth on both to groups of people who each have several passions for the many facets of human life, or death...I'd be stoned, or in the least, unfriended on facebook and unfollowed on twitter.

I believe that there is good, and there is evil. I believe that there is darkness and there is light. I believe JOY and PAIN exists beyond that very catchy song from the late 80's early 90's. I don't really believe that many people are ignorant...they're just lazy.

If laziness is next to ignorance, then sure...they're synonymous.

I believe in one of the most famous books, IF not the map or guidebook to living the proper life, which,these days is only made evident through a divine revelation after one feels he or she is being punished for an act of disobedience...usually. I believe in that book. Do I believe it was written by men...YES. I also believe that it was inspired by God. Do I believe there are many fallacies as this GREAT BOOK has been rewritten and translated numerous times? Fallacies? NO. Differences from translation to translation. SURE.

Have you ever done something completely and totally out of "character"? Have you ever felt the urge to do something in which you felt you had no real control over? Like, your hands or feet just had their own agenda?

Isn't it amazing how we can say that God is real, all-powerful, and all-knowing, and then we turn around and speak on all the things that could not POSSIBLY be true. Intelligent Intellectuals are a group of people who know the truth, but seek a truth that is beyond the "Ordinary Curve" of other believers.

I had a discussion with a man over the use of the word homosexual in the Bible. He explained to me that because the Bible had been re-translated several times over time, He, being a homosexual and Christian, could not except the fact that in black and white, a scripture in the Bible mentioning homosexuals "not inheriting the kingdom of Heaven" meant what it said. Of course, to be taken into account are the context clues, the different translations, and the origin of the word in several other languages used in the days when that book of the Bible was created. However, it was quite interesting that a verse like, "Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father..." is so crystal clear to him.

I think we copy and paste parts of the Bible that fit our lifestyles so that we can justify our "wrongs" or "transgressions".

(These are just observations)

POWER: Everyone wants it to some degree. The fact that a BEING...ONE WHO has no beginning and no ending. ONE whose power is immeasurable... ONE who knew us before we were, and knows everything we do, when we do things, with whom we do things, and what will result of our doing things. Nobody wants to believe that they're not in control. It's scary to lean on an absolute POWER, especially when you cannot physically SEE God.

I sat among a group of people at a restaurant the other day. The four of us; young, black, the eclectic know...the natural haired, earthtones, and big turquoise stones wearing type... We began discussing some very intense conspiracy theories. My theory is this... Yes, I believe there are evils in the world, but I also believe that some things, some phenomenons are SO incredibly, unbelievably shocking, and unexplainable, that there has to be SOMETHING or SOMEONE to place direct blame on. I say to people; on the issue of epidemics sweeping our nation, natural disasters, the recession: Do your level best to support your community. Encourage and Enlist, and Educate. Encourage young men and women to practice safe sex. Enlist in efforts to stop world hunger; volunteer to help out in your community. Educate others in areas where you know you can bring about change in the minds of people around you. The trick is, you have to know what you're talking about before you go and educate people.


If you love someone...Please, please tell them. If your love for someone is overshadowed by any pain that you've caused them, pray for them, and pray for their healing. Love is definitely something we all need every once in a while.


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