Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeding My Soul

I'm so fortunate, and the weekend isn't even over.

I don't know what I'd do without my falcon.
Quiet, yet responsive.

There was a show in Houston, and The Legion, LLC. was definitely in the building, even if no one else was! LOL

I don't know man. I'm just so blessed to have met so many positive people.
The club, well, we won't get into that. I saw so many faces. (Some familiar)

You know how it's awkward when you're in a place with associates of a person with whom you no longer communicate? Well, that was the night for me. It hurt a little, because a few of these people who treated me like they didn't really know me were people who I really have a lot of respect for, and really admire. We did the "hi, and smile", but I mean, atleast we were cordial, right?

Besides the fact that I was staring at the door wondering if "she" would walk in, hoping that "she" would walk in..."she" did not walk in that night.

Show goes on...Besides the duo from Austin, TX... The rest of the entertainment was typical... You know how it is... A bunch of dudes decide that they can rap, and they rap about the hustle and they get up on stage and perform for themselves...dappin each other up and what not...while the audience is standing their with their "WTF" faces on, lookin like, "Y'all need to engage us...please"

So after endless hours of what seemed like a "Big Weiner Competition" because every rapper was talking about how much they "plex" and what not...finally it's my turn...
The crowd was kinda sparse after being beaten with the repetitive loud beats, muffled voices (because of poor usage of microphones) and the baggy pants...

SIDENOTE: Let's get into performance...some rappers hold the microphones a certain way, and it muffles their sound because they're blocking the mic from getting a clear sound...That sounds ok sometimes, but if we don't know you and we don't know your song...We need to hear it...You are not famous yet.

So anyway...I performed a 3 song set...I got a really good response from people in the audience. Two of my favorite supporters and dear friends, Charlie and Amy were there and showed their love. That made me feel really good. I performed my song "Still In Love", and as much as I'd like to send a personal message to "her", and although having her friends their, whom I'd hoped would send a personal message to "her", I knew they were too mature to do that...

Anyway, I ripped it...and C. Skillz did as well. The two Aggies/Legion Boys killed the show. The other artists were feeling themselves too much to sit around and respect our set and hear us, except the duo from Austin. They were the truth.

After the AGGIE love from our classmates and friends and whatnot, the 3rd, Da Mastamind and I went to iHop. Our waitress just made me realize how much I love Houston.

ANOTHER SIDENOTE: I am NOT from Houston, TX, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that city. Living 45 minutes away from Houston does not make me a Houstonian, but I can claim whatever city I want...The waitress was so southern and hilarious...and kinda cute too. She just reminded me of home.

Sitting up talking to 3rd and Mastamind and laughing ourselves to sleep, man, I pray more nights are like that. My father and brother picked me up in N. Houston and I hadn't seen them since Christmas. I was so happy to see them.

Then we got home and I see this beautiful brown eyed princess at my parents door. My sister. THE most beautiful girl in the world greeted me with a "Hey BUBBA" and a hug...and then the other most beautiful big brown eyed thing in the world, my pissy dog, OSCAR greeted me by humping my leg and peeing on himself in excitement. I love that silly lil dog, even though I'd cussed him out about 4 times since I've been home...because he's so hard headed.

The queen walks in and I'm in love. My mother...such a beautiful woman...I miss her. I hadn't seen her since CHRISTMAS, are you kidding me? We hugged. I don't think I've been this happy in months.

My mother, my sister, my brother and I went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Shanghai! We laughed and dined and reminisced about old times, and things that my brother and my mother remembered about me that I didn't remember just made me realize how much I need them to remember things about me, because as good of a memory as I think I have sometimes, it's the people who see you for more than you see's them that see the things you tend to forget, or the things about you that you never notice... Even my kid sister remembered things that I did not remember.

I'll be heading back to Austin soon. I usually look forward to coming home, as it recharges, I'll hold on to this small portion of nourishment, and carry it with me until I can come back home.


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  1. Man man man, home and family is SUCH a refreshing thing. I'm about to head home now and haven't seen my fam since Christmas. I'm pretty excited I must say.