Monday, November 30, 2009

Hit ME!

It seems to me, to be an act of cowardice when two people In a relationship decide that they lack the intelligence to have a conversation, or they lack the self control to agree to disagree without using some sort of physical strength to inflict pain on one another. It seems to be the answer in young, lovesick teens... Atleast this is a sample I've been going off of, as of late. What is wrong with young people? Why do they believe they're so dangerously in love? What the HELL do they know about love? (What the HELL do I know about love?)

Scenario: Girl likes boy. Boy likes girl.
Boy decides to expand his mind with the wonder that is COLLEGE.
Girl does not choose to do the same.
Boy goes away to college.
Girl falls into a deep depression because she has no company to share a slice of misery with.
Guy comes back, still likes girl.
Girl has boy in her grasp, but only for a short while because...
Boy must go back to college.
Girl gets upset at boy's decision in doing something with his life and takes out her anger on him.
Girl hits boy...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the bufoonery begins.

You don't hit someone just because their life choices don't match yours.

Be a man or a woman and take care of yourself...

Isn't it funny how people believe that just because they go through stuff, they have to drag everyone else through it too?

Isn't it a shame that people believe that only women suffer from domestic violence?

Isn't it a shame that men are told to run away if a woman is hitting them?

But the answer is simple: keep your hands to yourself.

I wish I could get off this soapbox, but I'm starting to see things a lot clearer from height.
Maybe this is my way of raising my own awareness.


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