Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Chris Brown and Rihanna

I usually don't indulge in offering my two cents about celebrity gossip and the likes thereof, but I imagine that as the topic and issues surrounding the latest alleged Chris Brown attack on Rihanna has consumed the minds of young urban Entertainment America, there are other issues related to this topic that we may have failed to think about, or rather, there may be someone out there with whom the issue of domestic violence rings a little louder in his or her ears.

I've heard countless arguments on television and from friends about the fairness of men hitting women and vice versa. Dr. Phil stated on The View that men should not use their fists but to use their feet to run away. Oprah Winfrey states that "If he hits you once, he's going to do it again."

But at what point do we start allowing gender to point out when it's right or if it's right for a woman to hit a man and for a man to hit a woman? It amazes me that some women don't want gender to matter in certain situations, but in the case of fighting, "It's a MAN and a WOMAN"...and I agree. In my opinion, Men shouldn't hit women, and women shouldn't hit men either.

If a woman that I love hits me in my face, it's going to hurt me more than just physically. But Oprah, if she hits me once, will she doe it again? Anatomically, men are built to be stronger and more aggressive than women.

I listened as Gayle, (Oprah's pal) read the gruesome details from the "Chris Brown/Rihnna) incident. The details were enough to make me squirm a little. The blood filling her mouth...things like that.

I couldn't imagine. I couldn't imagine if that were my mother or sister or someone I just cared that deeply about. There are definitely two sides to every story, and sometimes I wonder if there is anything in me that would cause me to just LOSE IT, and then I think about where I came from, and the man that I've tried to be before God, and I remember that men of distinction don't "LOSE IT", we might get mad as hell, but we don't lose it.

Then I think about this young girl. This young college student who was full of hope, and before her admittance into Texas A&M, she SAID she'd be coming to A&M. Her short enrollment in Texas A&M was attributed to a man who just "LOST IT". Regardless of what she said or did (or allegedly tried to do) to him, her life was cut short when he LOST IT so much that he hook her life. And those of you who know the story doesn't even end there, but he LOST IT.

Star Producer Tyler Perry's comment is what triggered this little entry. He said, "It could've been worse. He could've killed her." I'm glad he didn't. I'mg glad neither of them died.

More later...

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